Flat Web


Flat Web



SOLD BY THE FOOT. We’ve been using our one-inch flat nylon web in our rescue classes for several years and it’s proven to be an excellent performer. While not all flat webs will hold knots securely, the CMC Flat Webbing has been specifically selected for the suppleness necessary to allow knots to be set securely. Flat web also tends to be easier to untie after a heavy load than the softer tubular web. While the flat web is bulkier than the tubular, it does provide a significantly higher strength. Sold by the foot with a maximum spool length of 150 ft (46m). Nylon construction and Berry compliant.

NOTE Industry standards allow for up to three sections per roll.

Additional information

Weight 0.720 lbs
Dimensions 15046 × 0.720 in

Orange, Yellow



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