Fire Hooks Unlimited Mini Pro-Bars and Sets


This mini version of the popular Pro Bar is the perfect portable tool made of aircraft steel, carried by many fire departments as a specified officers tool. A proven quality designed tool used by major fire departments and police units all over the United States.

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  • Comes in 2 handy sizes, 16 or 20-1/2 inches.
  • The “A” type lock cylinder puller built into the adz end pulls recessed or flushed cylinders with ease.
  • The handy pike on the adz enables the user to pull trim, snap padlocks, make examination holes, pull lath plaster, vent window and probe during primary searches.
  • Adz end also features a nail puller, and the fork end features a gas shut-off.
  • The knurled shaft enables the firefighter to control the tool in any situation.

Add the KIT to either Mini Pro Bar and you will also receive Celtex self extinguishing grips, a sheath holder including a Kerry key, and a Shove knife with safety cover.

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