Fire Hooks Unlimited Maxx Axe


A combination lock slot axe/ sledgehammer head on your choice of a black or yellow handle, The Maxx Axe can be married with a Maxximus tool or Pro-bar to ascend a roof with one hand using our lock-slot feature. One hand is left free for ladder ascent, or for carrying a flashlight or a roof hook.

We suggest a 32-inch Maxx Axe married with a 32-inch Maxximus or Pro-bar for roof work.

For forcible entry, we suggest a normal 36-inch with a regular 30 inch Maxximus or Pro-bar type tool fit together with our lock-slot feature.



  • Axe blade and sledge (Total Weight: 10lbs)
  • New 7 lb head on either 36 inch length or 32 inch in black or yellow
    with embossed rubber handle and over- strike grip (32″ yellow is plain with deer’s hoof)

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32 in., 36 in.


Black, Yellow

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