CMC Rescue DNA Steel Auto-Lock Carabiners


The DNA Carabiners are unique “helical-shaped” connectors with a twisted carbon steel body and circular bar. This twist enables 90° rotation of any connected device for optimal alignment and offset load management. Ideal for use with descenders, rope clamps, progress capture devices, fall arresters, and the Double CLUTCH. When used in the Double Clutch TTRS Kits, the DNA optimizes CLUTCH handle alignment to allow a single operator to manage both CLUTCH handles for simultaneous twin tension control. Carbon steel construction is durable with high tensile strength and auto-locking gate provides the safety of 3 movements to open: lift, turn, and push.

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  • Helical shape with 90 degree twist for device alignment and load management
  • Carbon steel carabiner with high tensile strength
  • Wide gate opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Keylock system prevents snagging on rope and bolts
  • Sleeve is easy to open even wearing gloves
  • Burnished finishing for greater visibility of marking


  • ANSI Model
    • Breaking strength | 40 kN Main Axis, 16 kN Minor Axis, 12 kN Gate Open
    • ANSI Z359.12 with auto-lock sleeve, reinforced for lateral stress per ANSI
  • NFPA Model
    • Breaking strength | 40 kN Main Axis
    • Low-profile gate rotates through small attachment points including the CLUTCH

Made in Italy

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