Cascade Advance Series Model 200 Composite


This is the ultimate small team response litter. With so many choices, there is an Advanced Series Litter to fit any need. To provide maximum victim protection and comfort as well as optimum maneuverability for the litter attendant. The new Max version provides an extra 2” of width, and will accommodate any 16″ standard backboard.



• Four patient restraint straps for quick, secure subject immobilization
• Abrasion resistant shell
• Steel handrails/construction
• Ample brackets
• Bright orange exterior
• Excellent vertical raise handling characteristics
• 5/8″ Top Rail
• Four, 1″ Patient Restrain Straps to securely immobilize the patient to the bed of the litter
• At home on snow, rock, ice or asphalt
• Also available in a 2-Piece Model (PE42081)

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Weight 30 lbs




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