Air Systems International The MACK-NFPA™ Rescue Series System


The MACK-NFPA™ series was developed specifically for Fire/Rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines. The NFPA version of the MACK™ unit comes in two standard models. Each has two separate regulator/manifold systems and two SCBA connect whips provided for each regulator. In the event of a regulator malfunction, the standby regulator system serves as a back-up.

The MACK-NFPA3™ adds a regulator isolation valve to allow one or both air sources to be used simultaneously. 

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  • CGA-347 male inlet adapter supplied with pressure cap to connect to a high-pressure cylinder system
  • Air source isolation valve
  • One low pressure, 125 psi, breathing air manifolds with relief valves
  • One low pressure manifold, max 125 psi, for lift bags and tools
  • One medium pressure regulator, 275 psi maximum, for air tools
  • Inlet whips can be connected to 2216 or 4500 psi cylinder
  • 5,500 psi Option Available
  • Low pressure alarm whistle
  • Optional cylinder fill regulator (MACK-3FA)

Made in USAhazardous location

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