Ferno NAJO Lite Backboard – 0 Pins – Green


The NAJO Lite is our lightest NAJO backboard at just 14.5 lb. It features a central slot in the lower half of the board to immobilize each leg separately. Two handholds at the tapered end allow stable transport and angled edges enable easy logrolling. The NAJO Lite backboard is capable of floating 154 lb.

NAJO boards meet OSHA recommendations with strong, one-piece high-density, polyethylene plastic construction. The backboards are filled with polyurethane foam and feature greater density around the handholds. They are impervious to all bodily fluids, easy to decontaminate, and are 100% radiolucent. Strong, yet lightweight, NAJO boards are buoyant and can float a patient in water.

Part Number: 275201106/ NB5500


  • Lightest NAJO backboard
  • Capable of floating 154 lb
  • Central slot in lower half for immobilizing each leg separately
  • Strong, one-piece high-density, polyethylene plastic construction
  • Angled edges allow for smooth log-rolls
  • Impervious to all bodily fluids
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • 100% radiolucent
  • Available with 10 or 18 pins.
Weight: 6.58 kg
Load Limit: 204.12 kg
Width: 40.64 cm
Length: 182.88 cm

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 72 × 2 in



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