Yates 544 Technora® Rappel Daisy Link


Super lightweight short daisy chain designed to allow you to extend your rappel device further away from your body to allow safer egress over edges such as window frames. Daisy Link is made of .75-inch technora webbing which is extremely cut resistant. Individual clip-in pockets are reinforced to yield a tear-out strength of 1100 lbf. (5 kN). Overall rated strength 5000 lbf. (22 kN). Designed to be used with Military EXO Personal Escape System. Daisy link also allows for use of a safety prusik while rappelling with micro-figure eight in Tactical Escape Kit (1931). Daisy Link can be girth hitched to harness.

Part Number: 544


Color Terra
Length 12 Inches
Origin Made in the USA
Weight 7oz.

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