Sterling Rope Tree Pulling Kit


Our Tree Pulling Kit provides superior mechanical advantage for big rigging jobs. Stocked with components ideal for setting up tensioning lines, tree-felling operations or speed lines, or simply tensioning lines, this progress-capturing system handles burly rigging operations where you need power on your side. With quick precision you can configure the components to accomplish a 3:1, 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage to get the job done. Available with or without a rope and bag.


Weight (lb): 17.8

MBS Rating (lb): 5,418


System Contents:

  • RIT 9 mm Eye-and-Eye (36″)
  • RIT 9 mm Bound Loop Prusik (16″)
  • (2) Steel Autolock Carabiners
  • (2) Double Prusik-Minding Pulleys
  • 150′ of 1/2″ HTP Static Rope
  • Rope Bag

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