Sterling Rope 12.8 mm Element


Core/Sheath: Nylon/Polyester

The 16-strand Element rounds out our collection of arbor ropes by offering a tried-and-true construction with the quality you’ve come to expect from Sterling. Available in two colors allowing you to easily identify which rope you’ve designated for climbing and which for rigging. The Element is abrasion-resistant and durable, offers exceptional handling and hitchability, has zero sheath slippage and is spliceable.


Diameter (in) ABS Rating
1/2 7,190 lb (32.0 kN)
MBS Sewn Eye MBS
6,740 lb (30 kN) 5,732 lb (25.5 kN)
Weight (lb/100′) Elongation at 10% MBS (CI1500)
7.8 5.2
Elongation @ 540 lb (CI1500) (%) Impact Force (kN)
4.3 6.0
Sheath Slippage (%) Sheath Percentage (%)
0 72

Available Colors:

  • Red or Blue

Available Lengths:

  • 120′ (37m), 150′ (46m), 200′ (61m), or 600′ (183m)

Additional information


Blue, Red


120 ft. (37 meters), 150 ft. (46 meters), 200 ft. (61 meters), 600 ft. (183 meters)




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