SMC/RA 2″ Pulley, Stainless Steel Single Pulleys NFPA-T


Based on Russ Anderson’s original design, these pulleys are essential equipment for the serious rigger. Rotating side plates allow attachment of the pulley anywhere on the rope and the 3” and 4” models will accept multiple carabiners. Axle nuts are marked with a blue witness line to indicate if the axle nut has been turned or tampered with.



Key Features:

  • UL Certified to NFPA1983 “T” Technical Use.
  • Uses either high efficiency sealed ball bearings or durable Oilite bushings and are designed to work flawlessly under conditions that might shut down a lower quality pulley.
  • Sealed ball bearings provide optimal efficiency thus reducing the performance robbing resistance inherent in most multiple component systems and are not prone to failure under misaligned loads or with twisted gear as may occur with needle bearings.
  • Matched double-bend side plates help eliminate compression under load.
  • Solid side plates help to keep dirt and debris out of the rope track.
  • The axle-nuts are double locked to the steel axle and marked with a witness line to help detect any loosening.
  • Made in the USA.

Certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories to exceed the NFPA 1983 “T” – Technical Use requirement of 22kN.


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