Safety2Go Seat Belt Demonstration Kit


Safety2Go Seat Belt Demonstration Kit is great for training and getting familiar with different belt and buckle styles



Each Kit Includes:

  • Emergency Locking Retractors
    • Vehicle Sensitive with Flame Red Webbing
    • Webbing Sensitive with Cobalt Blue Webbing
    • Switchable ALR/ELR with Lime Green Webbing
    • Metal retractor stand (assures proper angle)
  • Automatic Locking Retractor with Black Webbing
  • Three Locking Latch Plates (includes a lightweight model)
  • Twenty-Five Pieces of Webbing for Locking Clip Training
  • Sewn-On Latch Plate with detachable Upper-Torso
  • Webbing with Web-Stop Button
  • Various Seatbelt Buckle Styles
  • Two Red Webbing Clips
  • Sewn-On Latch Plate
  • Sliding Latch Plate
  • Safety2GoTM Kit Owner’s Manual
  • Available as just the kit (S2G-001BOX) or with a duffel storage bag (S2G-001-BAG)

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