RNR Patriot Chest Harness


Chest Harness designed for use with the Patriot seat harness. Made in USA.
Part Number: RH002-STD


  • The chest harness features a standard 2″ D-Ring for the front attachment point and the rear D-ring is a large, 2.2″ inside diameter buckle to provide the ability for multiple attachments and is bent at a 30 degree angle to facilitate large hook placement.
  • It also has a pair of shoulder lifting D-Rings for vertical extractions.
  • Dual adjusters on the front and one rear adjuster provide a wide range of adjustability for different heights of users.
  • The chest harness connects to the standard 2″ buckle on the back of the waist belt and in front with a delta screw link (provided) to leave the front D-ring open for connections.

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