PMI® Ladder Rescue system 18ft ladder including belay


PMI®’s Ladder Rescue Kit is designed for rescuing a worker in the event of a fall with minimal prior rescue training. The system is simple to deploy using the existing or a temporary anchor point. The Rescue Ladder System allows the victim to climb efficiently and safely with the added safety of the rope grab system. The PMI® Ladder Rescue Kit is equipped with a fast drop in 18’ foot ladder with a locking ANSI steel carabiner for quick attachment. The added rope grab system allows the victim to climb efficiently and safely reducing the risk of a secondary fall. The fast drop in system features a simple but rugged roll top bag with reflective lettering. This highly visible bag makes this rescue ladder easy to find in emergency situations.

Part Number: KT36164


System Features:

  • Progress Capture Pulley (Belay Device)
  • 2” Heavy Duty Black Nylon Webbing Ladder
  • Aluminum bar rungs sewn into heavy duty black webbing
  • Static 11mm nylon rope
  • ClimbTech ANSI Steel Carabiner
  • Ballistic nylon deployment bag

Additional information

Weight 10.6 lbs


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