Pick-of-Life® Ice Awls


The Pick-Of-Life® is a lifesaving tool for anyone venturing onto the ice. Rescue professionals, ice fisherman, snowmobilers and outdoor enthusiasts rely on the Pick-Of-Life® as standard safety equipment. The Pick-Of-Life® provides solid hand holds enabling a victim to climb out of a hole in the thin ice.

The Pick-Of-Life® awls are for self rescue. They assist you in crawling on top of the ice, or you may slide the picks over very thin ice to someone else who has fallen through.

Keep your Pick-Of-Life® awls above your waist, either around your neck, in an open chest pocket, or strung through your coat sleeves, one at each hand.

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  • 4″ long plastic handles each have a retractable sheath covering the 1″ long picks.
  • 5 1/4′ cord that attaches the 2 handles has reflective ticking for low-light conditions.

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