ISC D5PRO Work/Rescue Descender without Panic Brake


The standard D5TM Work/Rescue Descender has proven to be a popular Descender for the North American Fire & Rescue and Tower Climbing markets, which typically use 1/2″ (12.7mm) ropes. Feedback gathered from highly qualified and experienced ‘Pro’ users highlighted a demand for a device which does not incorporate a panic-brake function.  Enter the D5PRO!  The D5PRO Work/Rescue Descender is the same great Work/Rescue Descender, but without the panic brake. This can be particularly useful on longer descents and in rescue/belay applications, where a broader ‘sweet spot’ is welcomed. As the D5PRO does not incorporate a panic-brake, it is not possible for the device to fully meet the criteria of NFPA and ANSI Standards. The D5PRO is fully certified to EN 12841 (a panic brake is not a compulsory criteria of this standard).

Note:  If you require a Descender which fully meets NFPA/ANSI standards, please see the ISC D5TM Work/Rescue Descender, with incorporated panic-brake. 



• Compatible with rope diameter (12.7mm)
• Number of persons: 2
• ANSI compliant version: No
• Body Material: Aluminium
• Finish: Anodized
Weight 2.2 lbs
Color Green/Black, Red/black
Weight 818g (29oz)
Rated Load 240kg (529lb)
Sizing Info 12.7mm (1/2”)
Compliant EN12841


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Weight 2.2 lbs

Red / Black


Rated Load

Sizing Info


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