Harken® Powerseat, Battery Powered


The PowerSeat™ Battery Powered unveils new possibilities in enclosed and confined space rope access & rescue. The PowerSeat™ Battery Powered quietly delivers a powerful 661.4 lb (300 kg) hoist capability with controlled sensitivity to perform the most delicate rescues, or precise maneuvering of materials and components for installation or maintenance. Developed as a requirement in industry, it provides a lightweight, prolonged usage, powered ascender and utility winch. With the ability to operate comfortably and confidently in oxygen and ventilation starved environments it provides a level of operator safety and comfort that directly increases productivity and efficiency. Suitable for blade cleaning, confined space and indoor rope access and rescue applications.

*Must be used with a Fall-Arrest system

Part Number: HD26260


• Ergonomically designed to stay in an upright position
• A brake system offers security against a free fall
• Encapsulating jaw cover protects against snagging fingers and clothing in the winch
• Speed control is achieved by a fail-safe switch which controls accent speed
• PowerSeat™ Battery has a 48V lithium-ion battery with a BMS (Battery Management System) to preserve its useful life. Battery enclosure certified to IP54


Additional information

Weight 93.6 lbs

Max Rope Size

Sizing Info

Spec1 Battery Life

Spec2 Max Ascent Speed


Working Load Limit



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