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Firefighter Bailout System – RNR Personal Escape System

Sometimes you get into situations where you need a reliable person escape option. You need a firefighter bailout system. If you are ever in such a situation, then the Rock ‘N Rescue Escape System with Lightning GT Hook will make a smart choice.  Be ready if you ever need a last chance rescue.

The Rock ‘N Rescue Firefighter Bailout System with Lightning GT Hook is the latest in personal escape systems and last chance rescue. This handy kit is made up of the F4 or FCX escape device, plus fifty feet of Personal Escape, Safe Tech, or Fire Tech rope, an automatic locking carabiner and the new Sterling Lightning GT Hook all packed into a strong, attractive, and durable bag. You can always be prepared if you are ever in need of a last chance rescue.

The Rock ‘N Rescue Firefighter Bailout System with Lightning GT Hook is proudly made in the United States.

A Breakthrough in Firefighter Bailout Rescue

The Sterling Lightning GT hook serves as a much-needed breakthrough in personal escape anchors. By integrating a traditional hook anchor with a groundbreaking wire gated hitching slot, firefighters and other rescuers now have the option of a truly easy to rig remote anchor. There is no need for complex knots, which often need to be tied in the dark with bulky gloves. Just double click through the gated hitching slot and then move to the exit. Weighing in at less than eight ounces (226.796 grams), and precision machined from 7000 series aluminum for unparalleled strength and durability, the Lightning GT is the most versatile and the lightest anchor hook available today. And when it is paired with a F4 or FCX device and a Safe Tech, Personal Escape (nylon), or Fire Tech rope, it serves to create the most versatile last chance rescue system ever as it also helps to take the guesswork out of the most fundament step in creating a fail-safe anchor.

A Firefighter Bailout System Certified for Personal Escape

The Sterling Lightning GT Hook is certified to NFPA 1983 for Personal Escape. It is 7.25 inches (18.415 cm) high and 4.25 inches (10.795 cm) wide, with a .48 inch (1.2192 cm) thickness. Its slot dimensions are 3.5″ x .75″ (8.89 cm x 1.905 cm) and its throat opening is two inches (5.08 cm). The Sterling Lightning GT Hook’s gate opening is 0.625 inches (1.5875 cm). It is made from 7000 series aluminum. The GT stands for ‘gated technology’, as the Sterling Lightning GT Hook features a spring-loaded gate. The hook can be used either as a window anchor or, in conjunction with the rope; it can be anchored to a solid object, allowing for a fast escape and last chance rescue.

The F4 personal escape device is precisely designed in order to allow for easy horizontal movement, a smooth sill transition, and a well-controlled vertical descent. The F4’s automatic-locking feature allows for a hands-free exit from any structure, while its slim profile integrates easily with all turnout gear. This keeps the F4 out of the way during regular operations. The F4 is also versatile for right or left-handed users. The F4 is six inches long (15.24 cm) and two inches wide (5.08 cm). It carries an MBS rating of 3,035 pounds (13.5 kilonewtons), yet the F4 only weighs six ounces (170.097 grams).  It is certified NFPA 1983 (Escape Descent Device) and serves as a wise choice for a last chance rescue.

The FCX is a Strong Choice for Last Chance Rescue

The FCX personal escape device allows for superb over-pull protection and descent modulation. Its click-to-neutral capability can make fast work out of horizontal movement. The cam gives you high-caliber braking modulation for a well-controlled descent which you can control with just one hand. Plus its spring-loaded handle keeps out of the way until you need it. This works to prevent tangling and snagging. The FCX personal escape device carries an MBS rating of 3,035 pounds (13.5 kilonewtons). Plus the elevated side rails eliminate glove and sill interference. And at 7.8 ounces (221.126 grams) of 7075-T6 American precision-machined aluminum, the FCX is a strong choice as your firefighter bailout system.

Standard Features

  • 50 feet (15.24 meters) of rope, either in safe tech, personal escape (nylon), or fire tech.
  • An automatic locking carabiner
  • The new Sterling Lightning GT hook with a gated hitching slot
  • Durable and strong carrying bag

Choose from a pair of descender options, either FCX or F4, both made by Sterling Rope of Biddeford, Maine. There are also three rope options: personal escape, safe tech, and fire tech. Plus the Rock ‘N Rescue Escape System with Lightning GT Hook can take custom embroidery, either a company logo or another type of artwork, or up to ten characters. Custom embroidery makes it so that your personal gear will always stand out from everybody else’s. Stop accidentally using someone else’s gear!

Optional Features

The Rock ‘N Rescue Escape System with Lightning GT Hook comes with several versatile options.

Rope Options:

  • Fire Tech – 0.295 inches (7.5 mm) in diameter; 2.1 pounds (0.95 kilograms) per fifty feet (15.24 meters) of rope. Carries an MBS rating of 5,889 pound-forces (26.2 kilonewtons). Made of all Technora material.
  • Person Escape (Firefighter Bailout System) – made of nylon.
  • Safe Tech – 0.315 inches (8 mm) in diameter; 2.8 pounds (1.27 kilograms) per fifty feet (15.24 meters) of rope. Carries an MBS rating of 4,383 pound-forces (19.5 kilonewtons). Technora sheath with a nylon core.

Descender Options:

  • F4
  • FCX

The Rock ‘N Rescue Escape System with Lightning GT Hook can also be custom embroidered, either with up to ten characters or a company logo or any other form of artwork. Make your personal last chance rescue gear stand out.

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