G.E.T. Grain Evacuation Tool


PMI’s new Grain Evacuation Tool – the GET Coffer Dam Solution, is a complete rescue solution designed and manufactured by Montezuma Rescue Innovations. The GET is made up of six interlocking aluminum panels used to form a circle and isolate an entrapped person from the grain surrounding them. Included in the solution is the Grain Portr – a revolutionary tool used to quickly remove the grain inside the GET, thereby freeing the subject from the grain. Also included are probe poles that make a target ring surrounding the subject to accurately position the GET panels.


• Interlocking panels fit through the smaller openings found in the top of older style grain bins
• The GET contains two foot straps to help drive the panels into the grain
• The Grain Portr grain removal device can quickly remove grain inside the GET Coffer Dam
• Probes convert into a target ring to position the GET around the subject
• The GET solution fits into a compact package for storage, or lowering into a grain elevator or bin


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Weight 143 lbs





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