Foxfire LSB Lighted Safety Band


Foxfire Lighted Safety Bands offer quick and easy illumination for maximum visibility in low light conditions. Simply slap this lighted band to your wrist or ankle to increase your visibility and awareness to vehicle traffic on the job site or roadway. You can also use the grommet to hang the lighted safety band in a rigid flattened state. This super bright LED Light source provides visibility for more than 1/2 mile.



  • Super Bright LED Light is visible for over 1/2 Mile.
  • LED Bulb lasts over 100,000 Hours.
  • 2 Light Patterns – Steady On, and Constant Flash.
  • Hi-Viz Reflective Edge Banding shines brilliant white when hit by headlights of oncoming traffic.
  • Lasts over 100 Hours

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 13.75 in

Green, Orange


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