Foxfire LED Safety Flare Kit


This pack of 4 safety flares feature multiple safety light patterns to make you visible up to 1 mile wherever you are. Their magnetic backing can easily attach to your vehicle, boat, fork lift, assembly lines and so much more, allowing you to alert or call attention to any area in need.


  • 360 Degree Illumination for Maximum Visibility.
  • One Button Operation with 9 Different Flash Modes.
  • Rotate, Quick Flash, Single Blink, Alternating Blinks, SOS, Solid on High, Solid on Low, Side Light and a Built In Flashlight.
  • Built-In Open Hook to Hang Anywhere.
  • Heavy Duty Magnets on Back.
  • Flares can be Seen Up to a Mile.
  • Carrying Case and Screwdriver Included.
  • Each flare requires 3xAAA Batteries (Not Included)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4-14 in


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