Evac Systems Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Tool Carrier & Staging Mat

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The RIT Tool Carrier and Staging Mat is a crucial piece of equipment on any fire ground. This item keeps all the RIT Team’s equipment compartmentalized and ready to grab when seconds count. The bottom is lined with 5 separate pockets designed to house your set of irons, bolt cutters, hack saws and other hand tools. The top of the mat is used as a staging area for RIT accessories like rope, TIC’s, lights, and loose gear. Made of durable, 1,000 D Cordura, the staging mat measures in at a large, 55″ x 67″. Rolled up and stowed it measures 34″ x 16″ and is secured with two deluxe side thumb release snap hooks with webbing. Carrying handles at each end make it easily transported by a single firefighter.

Part Number: EP030



Open: 55″ x 67″

Rolled: 34″x 16″

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