CMC/Roco Cobra Rescue Harness™


From Roco Rescue instructors and design team engineers at CMC, the CMC/Roco Cobra Rescue Harness™ represents a vast improvement in ease of donning and doffing, while maintaining all of the safety and comfort features you’ve come to expect with our harnesses.

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The centerpiece of our new harness is the patented (ANSI) aluminum AustriAlpin Cobra™ quick connect buckles. Cobra buckles are of the strongest load-bearing quick-release fasteners available, and will not open while under load.

We have also widened the waist strap of the harness to distribute the load across a greater surface area, which results in more comfort for the wearer. Another new feature is a Fall Arrest Indicator located near the dorsal D-ring. A stitched warning label will display if the harness has been subjected to excess forces on the dorsal D-ring.

Signature features of the CMC/Roco brand remain, including heavy-duty work-positioning side D-rings, Velcro Web Keepers, and a larger center D-ring that accepts multiple rescue-sized carabiners.


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