CMC Confined Space Belay/ Retrieval Kit


A complete system to attach to a tripod or other anchor for a belay line or retrieval line for a confined space entrant, whether for work or for a rescue.


Kit Includes:
Rope & Equipment Bag™ – Medium ProSwivel 1.5 in PMP SS Swivel Pulleys (2)
Load Release Strap Anchor Plate
ProSeries® Screw-Lock Carabiners (5) Aluminum Oval Carabiner
FastLink™ Anchor Strap – Medium Anchor Strap Sleeve – Medium
Born Entry-Ease Sewn Loop Prusiks – Long (1), Short (2)
Static-Pro™ Lifeline – 200 ft of 1/2 in Tubular Webbing – 20 ft (1x 20 ft)

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