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For affective and safe hand sanitizer we offer you the X-3 line of products.

X-3 Antimicrobal Hand Sanitizer

PT#: 183-10002

X-3 Antimicrobal Hand Sanitizer

:: Specifications

  • SAFE - Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive
  • GENTLE - Alcohol free, fragrance free, and residue free
  • EFFECTIVE - Kills 99.99% of germs
  • 3X MORE - Get three times the number of applications per ounce compared to gel sanitizers
  • SAVE! - Reduce absenteeism by 30%
  • FACT: 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. The answer seems simple. Wash your hands and reduce the risk of infection and illness.
  • REALITY: Life is busy. Access to soap and water isn't always possible
  • SOLUTION: X3 Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer kills germs in less than 15 seconds when handwashing isn't possible

:: Features

    • Alcohol Free, Dye Free, and Fragrance Free
    • Will not dry or irritate even delicate skin
    • Will not sting small cuts or scrapes
    • Foaming action spreads easier than gel
    • Can also be used as a Level 1 antiseptic - Apply it directly to open wounds
    • Non-Flammable
    • Alcohol-based gels are instantly flammable and because of the gel consistency, alcohol based sanitizers will continue to burn for up to 3 minutes
    • X3 Clean doesn't ignite
  • Non-Toxic
    • Most people do not realize that alcohol-based gels contain 62% Ethyl Alcohol. Jack Daniel's Whiskey is only 40% Alcohol. So If a child ingests even a tiny amount of alcohol from other sanitizers they can become intoxicated
    • X3 Clean is safe for kids
    • Non-Corrosive
    • X3 Clean will not damage jewelry, nail polish, clothing or flooring
    • X3 is a unique product with a wide-spectrum efficiency against bacteria, viruses and fungi
183-10002 Clean Personal Size Foaming Spray Bottle, 2.5 Oz (Case/ 12)
183-10003 X3 Clean Counter Top Foaming Spray Bottle, 1 Liter (Case/ 6)
183-10004 X3 Clean Economy Refill, 4 Liters (1.05 Gallons) (Case 2)
183-10006 X3 Clean Cartridge Filled Bottle, 1Liter, Non Refillable (Case/ 4)
183-10009 X3 Clean Mini Spray Bottle, 0.34 Oz (Case/ 75)
183-10010 X3 Clean Counter Top Foaming Spray Bottle, 8.4 Oz (Case/ 12)
183-10112 X3 Clean Mini Spray Bottle 0.27oz 12 Packed on a Tray
183-10090 X3 Clean Wall Bracket For 1 Liter Counter Top Bottle, White (Case/ 10)
183-10070 X3 Clean Empty Refillable Cartridge
183-10080 X3 Clean Cartridge Wall Dispenser Manual, White
183-10085 X3 Clean Cartridge Wall Dispenser Touchless, White
183-10086 X3 Clean Cartridge Wall Dispenser Touchless, Metallic
183-10101 X3 Starter Kit- Manual (One X-3 1-Liter Non-Refillable Insert (183-100005) and Manual White Dispenser (183-10080)
183-10102 X3 Starter Kit-Auto White (One X-3 1-Liter Non-Refillable Insert (183-100005) and Touchless White Dispenser (183-10085)
183-10103 X3 Starter Kit-Auto Metallic (One X-3 1-Liter Non-Refillable Insert (183-100005) and Touchless Metallic Dispenser (183-10086)

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