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T-Rex Torus LEDs will draw attention wherever you go! They are the Light with a Bite™

  • Benefits: Torus LED technology delivers an exceptionally bright straight-on and off-angle signal
  • Mounting pattern matches our existing XT3 series—no new drilling holes are needed
  • Installing these lights is a snap with just two screws! Easily mounts to license plate, side mirrors or grille
  • Compact size with a wide angle signal

  • Code 3 T-REX SERIES

    Code 3 T-REX SERIES

    :: Specifications

    • Red, Blue, Amber, or White LEDs Available with Black Bezel
    • Also Available: Split Color Combinations–Amber/Red, Blue/Red, White/Red, Blue/White
    • 5-year Warranty on LEDs
    • 3.85" L x 1.8" W x 1.34" D (with bezel) (97.8L x 45.7W x 34D mm)
    • Meets all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured
    • UNIVERSAl MIRROR MOUNTING SYSTEM: Low maintenance all weather cover made from Santoprene™ Material
    • Non Compressed Cover Dimensions: 5.40" W x 3.5" H x 2.2" D (Max) to 1.6" D (Min) and Angle: 21.80 degrees (137.15 W x 90.02 H x 55.58 D (Max) to 40.36mm D(Min))
    • Lightheads Models: TRX6A T-Rex (Torus™) Amber with Black Bezel
    • TRX6AW T-Rex (Torus™) Amber/White with Black Bezel
    • TRX6B T-Rex (Torus™) Blue with Black Beze
    • TRX6BA T-Rex (Torus™) Blue/Amber with Black Bezel
    • TRX6BW T-Rex (Torus™) Blue/White with Black Bezel
    • TRX6R T-Rex (Torus™) Red with Black Bezel
    • TRX6RA T-Rex (Torus™) Red/Amber with Black Bezel
    • TRX6RB T-Rex (Torus™) Red/Blue with Black Bezel
    • TRX6RW T-Rex (Torus™) Red/White with Black Bezel
    • TRX6W T-Rex (Torus™) White with Black Bezel
    • T-Rex Mounting Brackets & Accessories: TRXCBZ T-Rex Chrome Bezel
    • L Shaped Brackets: XT3LBKT 90° ‘L' shaped Bracket (XT3/T-REX)
    • XT3-DL 90° ‘L' shaped Bracket Universal Single Deck Light (XT3/T-REX)
    • XT3-DL2 90° ‘L' shaped Bracket Universal Stacked Deck Light (2-XT3/2-T-REX
    • GMBCH11 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Charger (2011+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/XT6/TRS6)
    • GMBCHR 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Charger (2006-10), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBEN07 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Expedition (2007+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBEN06 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair) Expedition (2006), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6
    • GMBEXI 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Explorer ONLY (2011+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/XT6/TRS6)
    • GMBPI 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), PI Sedan (2012+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3)
    • SNPLBKT 90° ‘L' shaped/Universal Vertical Mount LED Bracket (Snow Plow) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/XT4/LED X)
    • B-Pillar/Window Brackets: BPILBKT-CP B-Pillar Brackets for Caprice (2011+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • BPILBKT-PI B-Pillar Brackets for PI Sedan (2012+) & Charger (2011+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • TRXWIND Bracket, Side Window Mount (XT3/T-REX/TRS3)
    • XT3PPBKT-S Prisoner Partition Bracket (Setina) (XT3/T-REX)
    • Grille Brackets: XT3GRL Universal Bolt-on Grille Bracket (single) (XT3/T-REX)
    • GMBCV Grille Bracket (pair), Crown Vic (2004-11) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBCH11 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Charger (2011+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/XT6/TRS6)
    • GMBCHR 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Charger (2006-10), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBEN07 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Expedition (2007+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBEN06 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair) Expedition (2006), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBEXI 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), Explorer ONLY (2011+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/XT6/TRS6)
    • GMBEXP Grille Bracket (pair), Explorer (2006-10) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBF15008 Grille Bracket (pair, installs 4 Lights), F150 (2008-10), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6
    • GMBIMP06 Grille Bracket (pair), Impala (2006-13) & Impala Limited (2014+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • GMBPI 90° ‘L' shaped/Grille Bracket (pair), PI Sedan (2012+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3)
    • GMBPIU Grille Bracket (pair), PI Utility (2012+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/XT4/LEDX/MR6/XT6/TRS6)
    • T-Rex Mounting Brackets & Accessories (Cont.): GMBTH Grille Bracket (pair), Tahoe (2007+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • RVM Brackets: XT3RVM-EXP07 Rear View Mirror Bracket, Explorer (2007-10) (XT3/T-REX)
    • XT3RVMTH07 Rear View Mirror Bracket, Tahoe (2007+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • TRXRVMCH11 Rear View Mirror Bracket, Charger (2011+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • TRXRVMCP Rear View Mirror Bracket, Caprice (2011+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • TRXRVMEXI Rear View Mirror Bracket, Explorer (2011+) & PI Utility (2012+), (XT3/T-REX)
    • TRXRVMPI Rear View Mirror Bracket, PI Sedan (2012+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS6)
    • Outside Mirror Mount: TRXOMMNT Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Universal (T-REX)
    • XTOMMNT-CV Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Crown Vic (2004-11) (XT3/T-REX)
    • XTOMMNT-EN07 Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Expedition (2007+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • XTOMMNT-EXP Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Explorer (2006-10) (XT3/T-REX)
    • XTOMMNT-IM06 Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Impala (2006-13) & Impala Limited (2014+), (XT3/T-REX)
    • XTOMMNT-TH07 Outside Mirror Mount (pair), Tahoe (2007+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • Trunk Lid Brackets: TLB-CH11 Trunk Lid Bracket (single), Charger (2011+) (XT3/T-REX)
    • TLB-CHR Trunk Lid Bracket (single), Charger (2006-10) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX)
    • TLB-CP Trunk Lid Bracket (single), Caprice (2011+), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/XT6/TRS6)
    • TLB-CV Trunk Lid Bracket (single), Crown Vic (2004-11), (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • TLB-IMP06 Trunk Lid Bracket (single), Impala (2006-13) & Impala Limited, (2014+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LEDX/TRS6)
    • TLB-PI Trunk Lid Bracket (single), PI Sedan (2012+) (XT3/T-REX/TRS3)
    • License Plate Brackets: XT3LPBKT Universal License Plate Bracket (XT3/T-REX)
    • LXEXLPBKT-CHR License Plate Bracket, Charger (2006-10) (XT3/T-REX/MR6/LED X)
    • LXEXLPBKT-CV06 License Plate Bracket, Crown Victoria (2004-11) (XT3/T-REX/LED X)
    • LXEXLPBKT-IMP06 License Plate Bracket, Impala (2006-13) & Impala Limited (2014+), (XT3/T-REX/MR6/LED X)
    • LXEXLPBKTRTH Rear License Plate Bracket, Tahoe (2007+) (XT3/T-REX/LED X)
    • Push Bumper: PBH45 Bracket, Push Bumper, Horizontal 45° Angle (XT3/T-REX/XT4/MR6) (pair)
    • PBV45 Bracket, Push Bumper, Vertical 45° Angle (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/MR6/TRS6) (pair)
    • Speaker Bracket: S31222M C3100 Speaker Bracket for Charger (2011+) with LED Brackets (XT3/T-REX/TRS3/LED-X/XT6/TRS6)

    :: Features

    • 27 User Selectable Flash Patterns and Synchronous Capability
    • Synch up to 20 T-Rex Lightheads using XT-based Software
    • UNIVERSAl MIRROR MOUNTING SYSTEM: Custom Fit for Code 3 T-Rex Series Lights
    • Provides Fleet Interchangeability without duplicaton of inventory
    • No adhesives required for installation
    • No special tools required for installation
    • No Driver & Passenger Side Variations Required
    • Durable Weather Cover Provides Contoured Fit Mounting System made from 100% Recyclable Materials
    • One bracket used in both mounting and pivot positions on most applications of mirrors requiring an angle of less than 32 degrees off of horizontal.
    • Extended mounting bracket provided in standard kit for mirrors requiring greater than 32 degrees of horizontal correction (i.e. Ford Expedition

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